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5,555 unique NFT Avatars created on the TON blockchain!

TON AVATARS - NFT collection on TON

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Artwork from artists
Clothing & Stuff

TON AVATARS — PFP (Picture for profile) NFT collection created in collaboration with famous artists, bloggers, musicians, brands.

Our NFT holders will be able to receive Airdrop digital and physical items from the TON AVATARS project and collaborators:


Where these funds will be directed:
Maintaining NFT liquidity in the secondary market
Airdrop for NFT holders
Development of new products and projects on TON
Community Wallet
Will be created immediately after the release of the collection, which will receive 50% of the proceeds from the initial sale of TON AVATARS.
Plans for project development
Creating a project concept; visual elaboration and collaborations with famous artists, brands, bloggers, musicians.
Visual Design
2024 Q1
2023 Q1
In development
2023 Q3
5,555 avatars are available for mint, 55% NFT (3,055 avatars) are available primarily to WL owners.
2023 Q3
Sending 50% of the TON AVATARS initial sale to Community Wallet for further development of the collection.
2023 Q3
Community Wallet
2023 Q3
Start of Airdrop - giving away digital and physical artifacts from guest artists, brands.
2023 Q4
Integration into the various metaverses.
Artists participating in the TON AVATARS collection with whom will be Airdrop
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RASKO — is one of the most active graffiti artists in Moscow, whose personality is shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery.

He started street art in the late 90s and has created a unique style — recognizable and copied around the world. Rasko prefers to remain impersonal, so that only his unique typeface is the center of attention and nothing distracts from the style.

Nowadays he is known all over the world, taking part in various international graffiti and hip-hop festivals.
Misha Libertee — an artist whose track record includes collaborations with famous international brands, as well as participation in major foreign festivals and art fairs.

Mikhail’s most famous works are the 23-meter #Slonik at the Burning Man 2019 #Kraken festival on the embankment of Zaryadye park and a virtual exhibition of collectible bricks in Minecraft.

The creator of a virtual avatar with artificial intelligence is Mishi Cyberty, who in the near future will replace his biological prototype not only in the metaverses, but also in the public space of the physical world.
Misha Libertee
ASTERRVN — is a crypto-artist from cold Siberia. His style is everything that comes to mind when you think of the word "digital": glitches, polygons, virtuality, simulations mixed with hip-hop culture.

Before joining NFT, I was a cover maker and created covers for popular hip-hop artists. He joined NFT and within a year and a half he had exhibited at many shows and sold his artwork all over the world.
Had a chance to work with the artist POKRAS LAMPAS.
GRGY — is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist developing his own character universe. GRGY character lives on the streets of cities, digital metaverses and in the hearts of fans.

Worked with various major nft collections: Modz, OneDayBae, Turkeys, HODL by Pixelord. Member of the collective NFTBastards: Rarible, Pipico, 21Studio.
PIGEON FROLK is a recognizable character from Moscow’s central districts, having been ingrained in the streets since 2015. Sticker art remains at the core of the creative journey, both image and style.

Years of street background and the desire for creative development have formed an authentic clothing brand that combines a tribute to street culture, sticker bombing philosophy and the concept of streetwear of high quality. Frolk is the founder of MOSTICK, a festival dedicated to sticker bombing.
Napasio — artist, illustrator, and art director.
He creates his own magical art universe with many colorful characters and amazing stories — Napasio World, which aims to color the everyday life.

"Napasio World" universe is not just stories in pictures — it’s a prism through which we can explore ourselves and the wonderful world around us with our senses and imagination.

Worked with brands like Nike, The North Face, Street Beat, OZON etc.
Participated in exhibitions Gallery 6.0 (Gazgolder club), Digital Fashion, the festival of media art NUR.
Karen ArtYan — Fashion designer / Digital artist.
In 2019, he opened his physical clothing brand KAY, which is worn by famous artists.

Under the label KAY Lab performs orders for large companies and brands. Creates unique collaborations with artists. In 2022 launched NFT digital clothing collection.
Karen ArtYan
Anomalit Kate — creator of Anomalitism, who works in traditional and digital mediums, creating her work at the intersection of physical and virtual reality.

Anomalitism is a universe in which a large number of elements, anomalites, exist simultaneously. Each of them is a unique entity. Together, they constitute a Picture of the World, a space in which all the elements exist.
You can read more about her work on her website (

Anomalit Kate is a constant participant of international exhibitions, as well as a member of the creative associatio"42 Bastards".
Anomalit Kate
BattleVerse — is a multichain play-to-earn Metaverse.
The project team won the TOP-3 BSC GameFi HACKATON from the Binance exchange. In addition, CERTIK, a well-known company in the crypto community, did an audit of their project. And major venture capital funds invested in BattleVerse in 2021.

At the moment, BattleVerse already has a working P2E metaverse and 2 NFT collections — Robots and Mushrooms, which are just competing in game mode in their metaverse
THE MODZ —A collection of 5,555 meta fashion avatars based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each unique Modz is randomly generated from combination of over 200 individual elements, including over 100 different outfits.

MODZ are fully rigged 3D avatars which can be seen in custom viewer or put into games, metaverses, VR / AR or other 3D applications
Turkeys Megaverse — A metaviverse represented by turkeys whose goal is to connect the world through art, community, and technology!"

The Turkeys collaborate with the famous P2E game NFT Worlds, on which their metaworld is based, and quote, "a community of crazy turkeys with no rules!" The Turkeys Megaverse brought together connoisseurs, creators and collectors from around the world to make connections and create a truly decentralized art project.

One of the founders of the Turkeys project is — Vos, a member of the 42 Bastards Creative Union.
Turkeys Megaverse
ALL CITY PIGEON — is a brand, founded in 2019, is inextricably linked to street art and graffiti.

Years of street background and a desire for creative development have formed an authentic clothing brand that combines a tribute to street culture, a sticker-bombing philosophy, and a high quality streetwear concept.
I love TON —Telegram channel dedicated to blockchain TON and cryptocurrency Toncoin. The latest news and all the most interesting from the world of TON.
I love TON
Bogdan Titomir  is a multifaceted musician who became an idol of a whole generation in the 1990s.

He has been DJing since the 80s and was the first hip-hop performer in the CIS. At one time he gave several stadium concerts in a row. He was also a member of the band Car-Man.

His creativity is still relevant - he continues to DJ and make music.
Bogdan Titomir
Main project team
Creator of the famous Ethereum blockchain collection — The Modz
Member of “42 Bastards
CEO P2E metaverse Battleverse
CEO Baby Combat Bots
Member of “42 Bastards
Developing a smart contract
Digital Fashion Designer
Artist, website development
Artem is a digital artist, art director, curator of NFT projects.
He started his way in art as a computer graphics specialist. During this period he worked with international brands on a number of projects, including work for Pepsi, Yandex, Centralpartnership, TNT, Gett, Sberbank, StreetBeat, RTFKT, and others.

He joined the NFT community in late 2020. He created the first NFT-collaboration in the CIS and subsequently the association "42 Bastards", which became one of the most successful creative unions of digital artists in the CIS.
Curated many NFT-collaborations, including projects: Major Grom, Binance, Motorica.

Digital art is invariably present in Artem's life, as he continues to participate with his works in international exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.
Avatar creator
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